5 Funky Short Haircuts for Black Women

Funky Short Haircuts with Color for Black Women

Short hairstyles have become common amongst black women recently and this is because these haircuts look simple and flirty on these black ladies. Additionally, short haircuts can really look amazing on both fine and thick hair textures whereby they create a playful and stunning look. Most black women prefer having …

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5 Perfect Braided Bun Hairstyles For Prom

Sleek braided bun hairstyles for prom

Braids are all most everywhere these days and this is mainly because they offer one with several styling options. In fact, these braided hairstyles can be very easy to style and maintain compared to regular straight or curly hairstyles. These braids can actually look great if created in form of …

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5 Attractive Colored Short Hair Cuts For Women

smooth attractive colored short hair cuts for women

Short hair is becoming a natural preference amongst women to men today because of its easy to manage and also gives an alluring appeal. Short hair can even be enhanced by colors because this makes it look more appealing and lovely. You will also notice that in some of the …

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5 Amazing Natural Short Hair Cuts For Women

Amazing natural short hair cuts for women with bang

Short haircuts are currently on style and in fact they have always been in trend for most women. These haircuts are naturally easier to manage and do not even take too much time to style. However, once you go for a short hairstyle, just know that you have less choices …

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5 Creative Beehive Hairdo’s for Black Women

beyonce beehive bun updo hairstyle

If you love vintage hairstyles, it’s time you rock with this 1960’s beehive hairdo style, it’s quite a complicated hairstyle, but once you get the concept right, you will enjoy the results, because not every black woman can have this nature of hairstyle. A beehive is a huge updo, so …

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5 Amazing Spiked Haircuts for Black Women

Short Spiky Hairstyle

Spiking your hair will give you a casual look, it is one of those hairstyles which you can do from home and feel no regret, because it does not require perfection. In this post, I have featured different spiked hairstyles for black women; you can get some ideas from this …

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5 Best Crown Braid Black Hair


A crown braid is commonly known as a halo braid, it is very popular among African American celebrities which makes is a hip star hairstyle. However, when I look at this hairstyle, it doesn’t seem to be that easy to create, but that should not scare you, sometimes you have …

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